Saturday, June 6, 2009

Introduction friend Ellie convinced me to start a blog. And with a lot of life changes coming up this summer and fall, I thought, whynot? I am! Still getting the hang of this, I'm completly lost right now. ;-P

Anyway, to just start out generally, I'm Rose. Jenna is my Brittany, she is my pride and joy. She was bred to DC/AFC TC's Match Boks Racer "Rob" and is due July 2. Its her first litter, and mine! We're all excited. Shes just starting to get bigger. I'll have to get a photo up soon.

Also, off topic of dogs, I'm hopefully starting college in the fall! I have had one heck of a time in school, and decided to try homeschooling in 10th grade. Lets just say that was a royal failure and I never really got very far. So I thought I'd have to start public school again and be years behind. But then a few awesome people told me to try signing up at the local community college. Thursday I went there and did! It was painless! Haha. All I have to do now is take a 3hour placement test, and then enroll in courses. I'm so excited!

So theres just the beginning for ya. I'd like to try to keep this blog up to date on things, so we'll see. I'm off to figure this out and make it awesome!