Friday, December 4, 2009


Goodness I sure have been horrible keeping this up! One post and then I disappear for half a year. Well...Jennas breeding didn't take. I think mainly because she was bred too late, and she also had a split season so that may have caused this season to be infertile. The dog she was bred to also bred another bitch a few weeks prior, and she didnt take I don't know.

Anyway...reason I'm posting, I just have some issues I need to release. I have an abandonment problem. Everyone who comes into my life abandons me in one way or another. I won't go into my life story, I'll just jump to the most recent.

I am trying to plan a litter for Jenna this spring, when she comes in season next. I had a woman, who is also a Britt breeder, interested in a Jenna pup, and she mentioned co-breeding the litter. It sounded perfect, she'd co-breed the litter, split the expenses evenly, she'd get pick female puppy and she and I would co-own the puppy, and then I could get a puppy back later down the road. She has been looking for a liver pup and so we were looking into liver studs. Last summer she had seen Jenna and loved her, so all sounded great. I am unable to keep a pup, so the thought that I could co own a Jenna puppy and get a Jenna grandpup back was wonderful.

So the woman comes down here a couple weeks ago for the National. We go to some International shows together...let me back up, before she comes here, I randomly mentioned Jennas feet. Jennas feet are splayed, I'm not sure if thats just how they are, but I am pretty sure that the fact that she was kept in a concrete kennel with long nails for the first year of her life didn't help (this was before I got her). Anyway, the woman was kind of concerned about the feet issue, but nothing much more was said. I asked if feet were a big enough concern for her to back out of the deal, and she replied, the second time I asked, that if her breeder said it was, then yes, she would have to reconsider. Ok....beginning of abandonment.

At the show, nothing is said about breeding. Her male took BOB 3 out of 4 times, the one time Jenna takes BOB, the judge commented how his father used to hunt Britts and so he knows what they should be built like in order to hunt properly, and he liked Jennas size because too many are being bred too big, etc. And yes, the woman was right there when he said it, she and my mom were walking dogs.

I was showing another dog, so didnt have much time to talk with her. My mom, on the other hand, did. The woman talked about our co-breeding idea, and she said she was unsure about the feet and rear, and she wasn't sure how to tell it to me. So, here she is, a grown woman, afraid to talk to me, an 18yr old. Instead, shes going to lead me along. Like my mom said, just tell me, instead of leaving me wondering and thinking it's going to work.

So, after that show, I emailed her some photos I had taken of her dog. She replies back, telling me she isn't sure the co-breeding is going to work, she is just too concerned over the feet, and expenses to breed Jenna, and yadda yadda. But I hope we can still be friends. Well...really? I mean, I like her, but she totally lead me along like an eager little puppy, telling me everything I wanted to hear. It sounded perfect. I'd get to co own a Jenna baby, and then get a Jenna grandpup in return. I'd also get to have a say in who the stud was for the pup, and help show her, etc. This had been planned for quite a few months. And then she just ditched me. Like my mom said, I'm better off without her in the long run because she doesnt seem to know what she wants (she returned another liver pup to the breeder at the National - yes she wasn't show nor breeding quality, but she had to ask everyone she talked to about it, just in case!). But still. I was excited!

So now...I'd still like to breed Jenna. I'd like to breed her myself, and myself alone. I do not need to be tied down or held back back someone else. I am looking for someone to co own a puppy with though. I'd like to be able to have the same arrangement, co own a female and get a puppy back later on so I can continue my line, and I can have a little bit of Jenna even after shes gone. She is my baby, my heart dog for sure, and I'd love to base my Britts from her. It would be amazing to have Jenna grandpups, great grandpups, and so on, even when Jenna is no longer here. I can't bare to imagine that, but it will happen some day. :-(

Moving on, so I found another woman who loves the lines Jennas dam comes from, and who is interested in a puppy. She would even be happy to co own the pup with me! Sounds great again, right?

Well, now shes almost ditching me again. She said her husband likes Jennas lines, but there is another litter supposedly being planned (She hasn't heard from the breeders in over a year) that they'd love a pup from. The sires lines are disappearing. I understand that they'd prefer a pup from a vanishing line that they love than from Jenna, whos lines are pretty much thriving. So I mean, nothing against that. Its just, see what I mean? Things always look like they are going to turn out alright, great even, but then one little thing pops up and it falls apart again.

At this point I'm not sure about the litter. I have a wonderful couple who are waiting for a puppy, I met them this spring and they are great. I'd love to send a pup to them. But I don't know if they'd take a girl, or let me co-own it, or even show the pup. They aren't show people, they don't understand whats involved in that.

Should I just breed her when she comes in season, and see who comes along for puppies? Thats not how I want it to be. I'd love to be able to have a couple homes at least lined up before bringing more puppies into the world. I'd like to find good responsible homes.

Oh I dont know. I'm too tired to type all this out. I just don't know! I guess we'll wait and see what the future has in store again. The day someone actually tells me they will co own a puppy and COMMITS to it will probably be the day Hell freezes over. (Wonder if I could name the puppy that too, Jenvys Hell Froze Over...kinda..catchy? LOL)

Well, thanks for listening. Just wanted to get it out. My first college semester ends on Tuesday, I am really happy! I survived! And I think I have all As. :-D

Happy Holidays.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Introduction friend Ellie convinced me to start a blog. And with a lot of life changes coming up this summer and fall, I thought, whynot? I am! Still getting the hang of this, I'm completly lost right now. ;-P

Anyway, to just start out generally, I'm Rose. Jenna is my Brittany, she is my pride and joy. She was bred to DC/AFC TC's Match Boks Racer "Rob" and is due July 2. Its her first litter, and mine! We're all excited. Shes just starting to get bigger. I'll have to get a photo up soon.

Also, off topic of dogs, I'm hopefully starting college in the fall! I have had one heck of a time in school, and decided to try homeschooling in 10th grade. Lets just say that was a royal failure and I never really got very far. So I thought I'd have to start public school again and be years behind. But then a few awesome people told me to try signing up at the local community college. Thursday I went there and did! It was painless! Haha. All I have to do now is take a 3hour placement test, and then enroll in courses. I'm so excited!

So theres just the beginning for ya. I'd like to try to keep this blog up to date on things, so we'll see. I'm off to figure this out and make it awesome!